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Help Pumpkin to Learn his Story


Pumpkin was found wandering alone on a rainy day in the Bronx. 
He’s in a foster home while his rescue looks for an adoptive family, but it’s hard to know what type of home is a great fit when we don’t know what kind of dog he is!
A generous donor has provided a DNA test for Pumpkin, and we’re turning it into a fundraiser by letting you guess what mix he might be!

Pumpkin is estimated to be around 3 months old and weighs about 5.5 lbs. He’s mostly fawn and white, with black on his muzzle and neck.  He has medium length, soft fur with wiry patches on his face and shoulders. That’s all we know!


The Rules of the Game

  • Each breed guess is $5 (100% goes to the rescue)
  •  You can guess up to 5 breeds per entry in the order of dominance (%) you think they’ll appear in the results. 
  • Prizes:
    • First (or only) breed choice matches the most dominant breed: $5 SallyBones gift certificate
    • 3 correct breeds in any order: $15 gift certificate
    • 4 correct breeds in any order: $20 gift certificate
    • 5 correct breeds in any order: $50 gift certificate
    • Top 3 breeds in correct order: $75 gift certificate
    • All 5 top breeds in correct order: $100 gift certificate and dog treat basket
    • One randomly selected guess: $20 gift certificate 

Small print: Entries with multiple wins will be paid only at the highest prize level. If fewer than 5 breeds are detected, extra guesses and their related prizes will be void. If two breeds have identical %, they’ll be considered in the order listed in the results. Any disputes will be mediated with a really cute puppy video of Pumpkin choosing a winner. Please don’t sue us, we’re just volunteers trying to have a little fun!