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About Us

Our Story How We Started

We’re animal lovers who have tried seemingly every treat, puzzle and toy to keep our dogs occupied. Beef bones are one of the few that are a hit with all the dogs we know.
When we discovered the joy and distraction the bones can bring, we helped organize group orders with our neighbors but found the coordination and logistics challenging.
Building on our small business experience, we developed a new infrastructure for storing, selling, and shipping bones and other natural treats to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

To learn more about our brands, check out our Small B2B Guarantee.


Is Dr Sally actually a doctor?

Yes. But an academic one, so kindly keep your weird rash to yourself.

IS her name really sally?

No. Not even close. Yet most of her family calls her that anyway.

IS this her?

No. But we described her to AI and this is what AI decided she looks like. You can decided whether we mean the dog or the lady.

What’s with the backyard?

It’s where she was sitting with her dogs when she realized that (a) she needed more wine and (b) she had the skill and knowledge to get this off the ground. The two are related.

No really

Ok really.

Our Story

Our journey was inspired from grandmother when she used to bake cookies for us. A lot of great memories from baking with our grandmom. She taught us how to bake the loveliest and sweetest cookies. We started selling hand baked cookies in a tiny stall. Later we expanded our business to cakes and custom bakery. We are very happy to delight so many customers in the past decade.